Finance Minister Muftah Ismail made an important announcement

  • Finance Minister Muftah Ismail made an important announcement while addressing a news conference which will benefit the poor families. He said that the Prime Minister has started a cheap petrol, cheap diesel scheme. And the scheme has been launched after the recent rise in petroleum products. There are 14 million households with an income of less than 40,000. And these 14 million households will benefit from this scheme. Send your ID card number by calling 786 from June 1. And remember that this number should belong to a woman of yours. Every citizen of Pakistan spends an average of 5% of his income on transport. The Prime Minister will continue the cheap oil package with BISP. And this package is only for the poor


Muftah Ismail said the families would be reimbursed from June. Rs.2000 / – will be paid after verification through ID card. Under the program, cheap petrol, cheap diesel will get Rs. 2000.


The Finance Minister said that the increase in petrol price was not due to happiness. He also said that he made this decision with a stone in his heart. The government intends to end diesel subsidies. With the abolition of subsidy and Rs 30 levy, Rs 114 increases, but we are not imposing additional tax yet. Rising diesel prices are expected to significantly increase bus fares. On the directive of the Prime Minister, next year we will also increase the stipend. And the whole focus is on improving the life of the common man


Federal Finance Minister Muftah Ismail said that he did not have any summary of the increase in electricity prices, this time there was no talk of privatization from IMF and any World Bank.

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