how to earn money from online

In this technology and modern age, smartphones and laptops are present in almost every home. With the help of mobile phones, where we know the status of our loved ones remotely, we have access to many social networking sites (Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google). Through these social networking sites, we can keep in touch with our remote people, and we can reap many other benefits from this electronic device.
And let us show you how you can make money using your mobile phone and make your life easier.

1ـ Delivery service:

If you have time and you are unemployed and you have a good smartphone and you have a motorbike for delivery then you can use it to do a good business of selling various goods and you can Online businesses can make a good profit.

2ـ Mobile application:

You can also run a good business with a mobile application. In this regard, a lot of software has been introduced, such as (Photoshop, Word Excel, Canoe) which can be used to edit great ads, cards, and photo edits. You can earn money by taking orders from home and fulfilling them. Many people are now earning profits from home.

3ـ Photography and videography:

The best feature of a smartphone is the Yen feature camera, and thanks to this camera many people are earning millions of dollars at home. Today’s mobile phones have very good megapixel and HD quality cameras. You can do photography and sell these beautiful pictures on many websites at a good profit and get a good price. At the same time you can make a good profit by designing graphic with your ability. ۔

4ـ Consulting expert:

If you are proficient in Urdu, English, Arabic or any other language, you can also earn money by giving lectures to people in these languages ​​through mobile phone, and if you have complete knowledge about business or anything and people Can give you useful advice so you can increase your earnings

5ـ Freelancing:

This is a modern way of using modern methods. You can earn a good job sitting at home
This is a way to make money in hours and minutes, all you need is a good mobile phone and a good laptop. Designing, graphics, essay writing, video editing, reporting, etc. can be done at home and you can earn money on a daily basis.

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6ـ Blogging:

You can also make money by writing your ideas, making videos of them online and sharing them with people. But you have to be able to read and write for this job and then you can earn money from this job and if you have more followers then you can earn more by the same amount.

7ـ Online Survey:

The best way to make instant money is through online surveys, there are many companies that usually pay internet users to publicize their popular products.

8ـ Tick tock and Like:

In this day and age, the young generation of all age smartphone users have a similar application in their mobile, on which everyone dubs and uploads their videos. And put videos using their talent and when their floors are enough then. You can get earn big amount of money for promotion any brand.

9ـ Online Trading:

Mobile users can now trade and earn money from home, becoming traders and investors. You can buy and sell currency and other commodities from banks and the general market, and make money by selling them when prices rise. There are popular websites for online trading (e-trade, affiliate trade, and fidelity). But for online trading you need training so that you don’t waste your money.

10ـ YouTube:

Nowadays, people are earning millions of dollars by working on YouTube. This method is very easy. You don’t even have to be literate for it. You just need a little training from other website and many Youtube chanils.
Making money from mobile phones is very easy and also difficult, if you are educated it is easy otherwise you may face difficulties and not that you cannot earn if you are not educated you just have to have interest, courage and passion to move forward. Modern times, scientific technology and the internet have provided so many facilities that you can earn enough money by working hard at home to make a living. I hope you like this little effort and take good care of yourself.


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