OPPO F17 ProUltra Function, Ultimate Fun

1. <b >The <b >f</b>ingerprint</b> <b >unlock<b >ing</b></b> speed <b >under the screen <b ></b>is</b> tested internally <b ><b >by</b></b> OPPO; <b >it is <b ></b>tested</b> when <b >the <b ></b>screen</b> is dimmed and <b >the <b ></b>fingerprint</b> light is on.<b > <b ></b>2.<b ></b> <b ></b>The</b> 48MP main camera outputs 12MP images by default, <b >and <b ></b>th<b >e</b></b> <b ><b >48MP</b></b> <b >output <b ></b>option</b> <b >needs <b ></b>to</b> be turned on in the <b >settings. 3. The ultra-clear mode is software synthesis. The <b ></b>highest</b> pixel is up to 108MP.<b > <b ></b>4.30W</b> VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 charging results are internally <b >tested <b ></b>in</b> <b >the <b ></b>OPPO</b> <b >lab<b >oratory</b></b> under <b >stimulat<b >ing</b></b> use conditions. <b >The <b >a</b>ctual</b> <b ><b >lo</b>a<b >d</b>ing</b> time may vary depending on <b >the <b ></b>user<b >’s</b></b> <b ><b >s</b>i<b >tua</b>tion.<b ></b> <b ></b>5<b ></b> <b ></b>The</b> typical <b >battery <b ></b>value</b> is 4015<b > <b ></b>mAh,</b> <b >and <b ></b>the</b> minimum value is 3920<b > <b ></b>mAh.</b> <b >6 <b ></b>Power</b> <b ><b >s</b>aving</b> <b ><b >m</b>ode</b> time<b >out <b >will</b></b> stimulate six <b >selected <b ></b>applications</b> <b >t<b >o</b></b> run in power <b ><b >s</b>aving</b> <b ><b >m</b>ode.</b> Individual application <b >time<b >out</b></b> assumes <b >that <b ></b>no</b> other app<b >lication <b >i</b>s</b> selected and/or <b >is <b ></b>running</b> in <b ><b >s</b>uper</b> <b ><b >p</b>ower</b> <b ><b >s</b>aving</b> <b ><b >m</b>ode.<b ></b> <b ></b>7<b ></b> Calculate the <b >o</b>verall</b> <b ><b >l</b>ag</b> <b >compared to the latest <b >generat</b>i<b >on</b> F15. Memory defragmentation and automatic <b >databa</b>s<b >e</b></b> <b >optimization are <b ></b>calculated</b> in <b >la<b >bo</b>ratory</b> tests without <b >th<b >is</b></b> <b >f<b >ea</b>t<b >ure</b>.<b ></b> <b ></b>Product</b> pictures are for reference only. <b >For actual specifications, <b >p</b>lease</b> refer to the actual product.<b > <b ></b>9.</b> <b >Some <b ></b>product</b> specifications and descriptions may change due to <b >s<b >upp</b>lie<b >r</b></b> changes <b ><b >a</b>n<b >d</b></b> <b ><b >oth</b>er<b ></b> <b >reason</b>s.<b ></b> <b ></b>10.<b ></b> <b ></b>All</b> data <b >come<b >s</b></b> from <b ><b >th</b>e</b> technical parameters <b >designed by OPPO <b ></b>and</b> <b >the <b ></b>test</b> data <b >o<b >f</b></b> laboratories and suppliers. In actual <b >s<b >i</b>t<b >u</b>a<b >tio</b>ns,</b> the data will <b ><b >b</b>e</b> slightly<b > <b >different</b>,</b> depending on the <b >version of <b ></b>t<b >h</b>e<b ></b> <b ></b>t<b >rial</b></b> software, <b >the <b ></b>specific</b> test environment, and <b >the <b ></b>specific</b> <b >version of the <b ></b>product<b >.</b></b>

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