Police Are Investigating The Death of David Ames

Police Are Investigating The Death of David Ames


British lawyer Sir David Ames was stabbed several times during a meeting in his constituency in east London, and police soon confirmed that David Ames was dead.


Britain’s anti-terrorism police have called the killing of British lawyer Sir David Ames a “terrorist” by stabbing him to death.Essex police say they responded to a so-called “stabbing report” in the East London town of Le On On at 12:05 local time.An eyewitness at the scene told Reuters that Ames was stabbed by a man who entered a meeting with voters in his constituency.The parliamentarians had promoted this important meeting on their social networks on Tuesday.

In a statement,

police said that our competent officers arrived at the scene immediately after the incident and arrested a man and recovered a knife.He also clarified on his official Facebook page, “This person is currently in custody. The murder weapon has been found as well.


Immediately after the incident, our teams arrived at the scene and began the operation. “We are not looking for anyone else in connection with the event, and we do not feel the public is under ongoing threat.we also appreciate the support of the general population.We want to pay those who informed us about this unfortunate incident so quickly. And we arrested the accused soon. And now we only need someone who was present at the scene who saw all this. If anyone has CCTV footage of the incident, dash cam or doorbell, they should contact us.In an update, police said they found an injured David Ames.”He was treated by emergency personnel, but he died on the scene.”


Sir David Ames had more than 30 years of extensive experience as a legislator and was first elected to Parliament in 1983. Sir David began representing the Baselden District, but then moved to Southend West in mid-1997. And according to information on their personal website.The 69-year-old MP was not considered a controversial figure, and he was a supporter of a peaceful environment.The incident has caused a stir in British political circles. Just days before the British referendum on secession from the European Union, Labor MP Joe Cox was assassinated in his constituency by a far-right extremist.

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It was a terrorist act.

According to a police statement on Friday, Deputy National High Commissioner for Terrorism Monitoring, Deputy Deputy Commissioner Dan Hayden, said: “We cannot comment on the ongoing investigation.


Another statement said the Special Operations Team (ERSOU) and Essex Police were working together and said the investigation would be completed soon.A 25-year-old British man was arrested on suspicion of the horrific murder shortly after he was killed at the scene. He is currently being held at the Essex Police Station. ”


“As part of the investigation, agents are conducting a two-way search in the London area and are continuing.”

Anti-terrorism police say he did not belong to any terrorist organization or group, but to the individual who was arrested at the scene and looking for someone else in connection with the incident. I am not However, the situation is under investigation, “the statement added.

Police Are Investigating The Death of David Ames

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